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I was born into a family of musicians and was surrounded by music from very early years onward. I made the first steps into the world of music under the supervision of my mother. Her lessons are the most inspiring memories from my childhood and they played a big role in my choice of profession.

Being deeply rooted in classical music traditions, my music interpretations are influenced by literature and philosophy. Their implementation in music allows me to create an arch between the composer’s idea, my vision of music, and the audience. With musical phrases, I try to express not only personal emotions but also universal values and ideas.

The art of choreography and rhetoric, which I have learned from actors during our cooperation at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, helps me with the articulation of phrases and agogics, and also to deliver my ideas to the audience.

The Baroque music is one of my major inspirational sources. The baroque style and the authentic performance has a very important place in my work. That is why I chose the baroque music as my secondary subject at the University of Music in Graz. Inspired by masterpieces of the baroque era, I transcribed the Johann Adam Reincken’s g-minor organ fugue for solo violin.

J. A. Reincken - Fuga. Transcription by Feliks Harutyunyan

The love to chamber music and baroque music motivated me to establish two ensembles: the “Hekate Piano Quartet” and the string ensemble “Grazer Solisten” (which recently received invitations to perform in Germany in 2021).

Hekate Piano Quartet

I am not only in touch with music on concert stages. My interest in high technologies in combination with knowledge of music makes it possible to create lectures and presentations about “musical” fields of computer science, such as sound engineering and audio processing, which I successfully lectured for students in my university.

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